Not easy being resilient,
Wish enduring what’s meant.

Assimilating our strength,
Coating every bent.

Virtuoso in simulation,
Departing from isolation.

Redefining facts of existence,
Vouch on the factualness.

Proud of audacity,
Alluring is feisty!


Lets be friend with life!

heartWe are in an imaginary world. How we feed our imaginations, giving them the name of certainty. How we feel happy by expecting from life to offer us something we are wiling to have or lets say, we demand it from life, forgetting that our wish may or may not be accepted. Life does not owe us anything, rather it can just lead us to what is already planned for us. How we can expect it to move according to our expectations! When we think that life is going to be the way we are hoping it to be, just then the reality check bangs our expectation and offer us the unexpected. It offer us something we are not ready for and force us to be the way it is wanting us to be! We rejects the offer it keeps in front of us! We say, who are you to guide me!! I am my own master. I know what is right for me. I will chose the best for myself. Ignoring the treat life is offering us.

What if we accept the life’s offer and let it choose the best for us because sometimes we need to trust our destiny too. Sometimes, it turn out to be far better than what we have been planning for. We get amazed on our destiny. We take time in absorbing life’s favor. We feel blessed because what we had in our head what quite less comparing to what we get offered with. But, all this happened only when we kept few things in life’s hand and in return life placed everything beautifully. So, lets be friend with life and trust it’s offer with open heart.


Someday I crave the cosmic light, Someday I crave the epic delight.

How novel it is of me,

How grateful it is of thee.

Blessed that I got a part of you,

This is a tide, I am sailing through.

Cravings wonder what they got, question arises was this the chart?

Sun is shining,

Leaves caper wind,

Forget the maps,

Worries ought to grind,

Music is rappy,

Evidently souls are happy!

High on many things, Love gives us the wings!

A part of me resides in you, Believe this art is firmly true!

Follow me to another world,

Walking with breeze,

Moving on water,

Inhaling love,

Exhaling purity,

Living in sky,

Playing with stars,

We gotta ride far!

This is a blissful space, We will name it our place!!

Hold On!

Moon shines, captivating the world.

I can see the galaxies playing, what around my soul is weighing.

I wonder why I am so happy, what makes the roads zappy.

With the flow, I blow; Desires getting fulfilled in the row!

Diamonds to behold, waiting to unfold.



Just hold…

Dreams will come true,

Oh that’s right, blessed to catch the rarest delight.

Now I wish to fly, what’s bad in try!

I wanna see the ocean touch the shore,

No end,

I am desiring for more.

Blessings do come true, my world is full of you!

Windows of love are banging, happiness is fond of hanging.

Hand in hand we walk, quite shy… What to talk.

I look at you, you look at me;

All smiles…

Our souls are seldom free.

Chasing the wind with our swing, This is a love ring!

Sun is shining and so are you,

You are the one I am rushing to!

Everything for good will mould,

Just hold…

Miss You!

Musical soulmates meet with a kiss to greet.
Walking through the streets, singing beats.
Hugging the soul of each other, feeling the Love,
Pampering the desires.
Wishing the time to end,
Why can’t circumstances bend.
I miss you..
How to say these aching words,
How to show you the tears I hold,
How to make the time mold.
How to feel you near me.
How to see you in my eyes.
How to say that I am broken,
How to fix the bond that’s shaken.
Oh, I miss you..
Miss your smell,
Miss your touch,
Miss, you missing me!
Life is a tough game,
I just have one name!
I miss you..