Mothers are blessings!

Mom, You are a pure soul, shining in every role. A friend, a companion and a guide, making our life full of colors and a worthy ride. You have a golden heart, shaping our every chart. You are beautiful beyond face, your kind heart is that we want to chase. You always teach us good [...]


Behind to Beyond!

From one phase to another, Running behind illuminating feathers. I fall and grow, Grapples making me pro. I wish to grasp and fly, Have been insistent in try. I owe this competence to my parents, They are the ones making me resilient, I love them with all my heart, They always accord more than their [...]


Someday I crave the cosmic light, Someday I crave the epic delight. How novel it is of me, How grateful it is of thee. Blessed that I got a part of you, This is a tide, I am sailing through. Cravings wonder what they got, question arises was this the chart? Sun is shining, Leaves [...]

Hold On!

Moon shines, captivating the world. I can see the galaxies playing, what around my soul is weighing. I wonder why I am so happy, what makes the roads zappy. With the flow, I blow; Desires getting fulfilled in the row! Diamonds to behold, waiting to unfold. Hold… Hold… Just hold… Dreams will come true, Oh [...]

Miss You!

Musical soulmates meet with a kiss to greet. Walking through the streets, singing beats. Hugging the soul of each other, feeling the Love, Pampering the desires. Wishing the time to end, Why can't circumstances bend. I miss you.. How to say these aching words, How to show you the tears I hold, How to make [...]