Someday I crave the cosmic light, Someday I crave the epic delight.

How novel it is of me,

How grateful it is of thee.

Blessed that I got a part of you,

This is a tide, I am sailing through.

Cravings wonder what they got, question arises was this the chart?

Sun is shining,

Leaves caper wind,

Forget the maps,

Worries ought to grind,

Music is rappy,

Evidently souls are happy!

High on many things, Love gives us the wings!

A part of me resides in you, Believe this art is firmly true!

Follow me to another world,

Walking with breeze,

Moving on water,

Inhaling love,

Exhaling purity,

Living in sky,

Playing with stars,

We gotta ride far!

This is a blissful space, We will name it our place!!


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