Hold On!

Moon shines, captivating the world.

I can see the galaxies playing, what around my soul is weighing.

I wonder why I am so happy, what makes the roads zappy.

With the flow, I blow; Desires getting fulfilled in the row!

Diamonds to behold, waiting to unfold.



Just hold…

Dreams will come true,

Oh that’s right, blessed to catch the rarest delight.

Now I wish to fly, what’s bad in try!

I wanna see the ocean touch the shore,

No end,

I am desiring for more.

Blessings do come true, my world is full of you!

Windows of love are banging, happiness is fond of hanging.

Hand in hand we walk, quite shy… What to talk.

I look at you, you look at me;

All smiles…

Our souls are seldom free.

Chasing the wind with our swing, This is a love ring!

Sun is shining and so are you,

You are the one I am rushing to!

Everything for good will mould,

Just hold…


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